About us

The team behind the machine

Behind the scenes at Fringe Insights, you’ll find a team of executive coaches and talent professionals passionate about helping managers and leaders build their skills. We know how hard it is for leaders to get candid and accurate feedback. And without that feedback, how do they know what they could improve?

We designed Fringe Insights with coaches and talent professionals in mind. Using our combined twenty+ years of experience, we developed a customizable assessment focusing on the key management and communication skills that make leaders successful. But what good is an assessment if it’s too hard to administer? The Fringe Insights system is intuitive and hassle-free. We do all the heavy-lifting, but you still have the flexibility to customize everything from the assessment to the reminder emails to serve your clients best.

Our team members hold coaching and talent management certifications from the NeuroLeadership Institute, the Co-Active Training Institute, and Cornell University. We’ve worked in and with some of the country’s largest and most prestigious law and professional services firms and are part of the Forbes Coaches Council.

As coaches ourselves, we know how critical feedback is to building self-awareness and helping our clients gain insights. We created Fringe Insights so that you can quickly and easily help your clients and leaders get this feedback to supercharge their professional growth.

How People Use Fringe Insights

Efficient Process

For executive coaches in a solo or small group practice, running 360 assessments for your coaching participants can be a nightmare! So much administrative time goes into gathering and interpreting feedback that the overall cost of the engagement becomes unreasonable.

Customized Approach

We also hear consistently from coaches that other 360 tools aren't customizable enough, leaving them to ask questions that don't align with their practice or their client's developmental needs.

Fast-Track Coaching

We've all been there, coaching a participant who is stuck in a position and can't see another perspective. The Fringe Insights Assessment hits fast forward on this process, allowing participants to see their perception delta in real time!

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Fully Managed Process

For organizations and HR leaders, running upward feedback or 360s is a massive headache. With so many moving pieces, it's no wonder that most organizations give up, leaving their leaders to seek feedback on their own. With our fully managed process for organizations, we handle all aspects of delivery, tracking, and support for your employees.

Confidentiality & Anonymity

When running feedback assessments internally, confidentiality is always a challenge. Our team becomes a buffer for you - managing the process but protecting the confidentiality of the process.

Accountability Support

What good is feedback without action and behavior change? Fringe PD can provide additional support tools like training and coaching to ensure that real change occurs!

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