Most frequent questions and answers

How do we decide who will participate?

That is up to you, though we recommend upward reviews for individuals who manage at least five people or are considered senior leadership. We are happy to work with you to choose the right participant group!

How is this different from performance reviews?

Performance reviews are generally used by organizations to assess how successfully employees are fulfilling their roles. These reviews are often used in decisions related to promotion, compensation, and work allocation. The Fringe Insights upward feedback process focuses on HOW leaders engage with their teams. Because this information is confidential, the organization will not have access to it (except in the extremely limited situation where feedback indicates the presence of a legal or ethical issue). This feedback is solely for the benefit of the participant so that they can build self-awareness and further their professional development as a leader.

How long does the process take?

The average process from gathering participant and rater names to delivery of final reports takes two to three months. Completion of each form only takes 10-15 minutes!

What if something truly damaging emerges in the feedback?

In this unlikely case, we will contact a pre-assigned organization leader(s) to notify them of legal, ethical, or other similar issues from the feedback. Only these individuals and Fringe PD will have knowledge of this information.

What support can we offer participants?

All reports come with a feedback development plan, but some participants may require additional support. Fringe PD provides training (for large groups) and coaching (for individuals and small groups) who might want additional guidance in how to use their report.

Who will get access to the reports?

Confidentiality is essential to this process and only the participant and Fringe PD have access to these reports. Exception: If any legal or ethical concerns arise in a report, those will be shared with the organization.